Outreach Program

Can’t bring your class to us? Let us come to you! Aquarium educators visit schools across the state of Oregon bringing marine science directly to your students. Outreach programs are assembly-style productions full of energy and fun. These presentations feature audience participation, costumes, animal biofacts (bones, fur, baleen, etc.) and life-sized inflatable animals.


PreK – 2nd Grade Programs

Tales of Whales

The open ocean of the Oregon coast is home to several kinds of whales. Using songs, life-sized inflatable whales, and real teeth, baleen and bones, students will discover the adaptations of these amazing marine mammals. After this program, your students will know what makes toothed and baleen whales unique.

Supporting Materials

Flippers, Fur and Fun

Seals and sea lions are adapted for survival in nearshore waters and bays. Students will compare these amazing animals as they wear costumes, sing and dance to the “Seal Shimmy” and examine seal and sea lion pelts, skulls and bones. They will also learn how we care for these animals at the Aquarium and see how they measure up to a life-size inflatable elephant seal and sea lion!

Supporting Materials

No Bones About ‘Em

Tide pools are full of life! Students will compare their own adaptations to those of invertebrate tidepool animals as they wear colorful costumes, dance to the “Tidepool Tango” and examine invertebrate biofacts such as octopus beaks and sea urchin teeth. After this program, your students will better understand the eat-or-be-eaten life on Oregon rocky shores.

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Shark Shenanigans

What makes a shark a shark? With the help of a song, an inflatable great white shark and shark skin, teeth and jaws, students will discover how sharks use their fins, senses and other amazing adaptations for survival in the vast open ocean.

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3rd – 5th Grade Programs

What about Whales?

Toothed and baleen whales are well adapted for survival in the open ocean. Using a multimedia presentation, bones, blubber, baleen and two life-sized inflatable whales, your students will compare their own adaptations with those of these magnificent mammals of the sea.

Supporting Materials

From Tubefeet to Tentacles

In the midst of pounding waves and changing tides, life flourishes on Oregon’s rocky shores. Students will put on striking marine invertebrate costumes, examine invertebrate biofacts such as octopus beaks and sea urchin teeth and analyze the eat-or-be-eaten life in a tide pool.

Supporting Materials

Dressed for Success

Seals, sea lions and sea otters are well adapted to life on sandy beaches, rocky shores and in the cold waters of the northern Pacific. Using costumes, bones, pelts, skulls and a life-sized inflatable elephant seal and sea lion, students will get to know these amazing marine mammals and better understand how they are able to survive the harsh conditions of their marine environment. Students will also get an inside view of how we take care of these animals at the Aquarium.

Supporting Materials

Sense-ational Sharks

These fascinating fish have been around for about 400 million years! Students will travel beyond the myth of the man-eater through audience participation, an inflatable great white shark, and shark skins, jaws and teeth. After this program, your students will be able to tell shark fact from fiction and understand how sharks are supremely adapted for the life of an ocean predator.

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Fees and Registration

To register call our group coordinator at (541) 867-3474, Ext. 5310. You can also register via email. Please email your completed form to education@aquarium.org . Our Outreach Staff will then get in touch with you to finalize your registration. Download and submit registration form here.

  • $325 for the first auditorium program (up to 300 students)
  • $120 for each additional program (Additional programs must be scheduled to begin no later than 30 minutes after the end of the first program and must be in the same location.)


To assist with the growing need for financial assistance scholarship awards are available to qualifying schools. Awards, ranging from 10% to 50% of program costs, are offered based on need and availability.

Scholarships are limited and applications must be submitted 1 month prior to scheduled outreach program to be considered. Complete the Scholarship Application and mail, email or fax it to us as soon as possible.

Pre and Post Materials for Your Class

Supporting materials are available to download under each outreach program’s description on this page.