Oregon Coast Aquari-Cam

Visit the Aquarium from anywhere!

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Whether you are a frequent visitor to the Aquarium or are planning your first excursion, our Aquari-Cam feature offers you a live glimpse into our animal habitats. Watch our Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions chase each other through their expansive pool; or a Sea Otter work diligently to crack open shellfish; or a pair of Tufted Puffins engage in a courtship dance. At the Oregon Coast Aquarium, there’s a captivating tale taking place every moment.

Bookmark this page and check back frequently as the Aquari-Cam will periodically move around the Aquarium grounds to provide new glimpses into the private worlds of Oregon’s fascinating marine wildlife.

Please note that our cameras display real-time images at Pacific Standard Time. Images will appear dark after sundown.