How to Support Us

As a nonprofit organization, we at the Oregon Coast Aquarium rely on tax-deductable contributions, admission fees and membership dues to meet our operating expenses, and we do not receive ongoing governmental support.  For details, please view our current Annual Report.

While admission fees and membership dues account for the largest portion of the our revenues, additional programs such as Adopt An Animal, Buy A Brick and corporate and personal donations ensure that the we can provide quality care for our animal guests, maintain our state-of-the art exhibits and carry out our vital education and conservation programs.

Become A Member

As a member of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, you enjoy exclusive benefits such as unlimited admission, user of the members’ express entrance, free admission to popular holiday events and more. All while supporting an organization that plays a vital role in marine education and conservation. Learn more about membership opportunities.

Adopt An Animal

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is home to more than 15,000 invertebrates, fishes, birds and marine mammals. With so many mouths to feed, it is not surprising that we have a pretty a hefty food bill. It costs up to $15,000 a year just to feed one of our sea otters! We also spend over $75,000 annually on veterinary care to insure the health of all of our animals. You can help us provide the best care possible for the animals by adopting an animal for one year through our Animal Adoption Program. Learn more about adopting an animal.

Make A Donation

As a donor, you will play an active and crucial role in our mission to educate and inspire people about the natural wonders of the marine world. Your donation will help support our facilities, provide quality care for our animal guests, maintain our state-of-the art exhibits, and carry out our vital education and conservation programs. Learn more about making a donation.

Buy A Brick

Leave a lasting impression by purchasing a personalized brick, which will be installed in the Aquarium’s entry pathway or aviary. You can have your name engraved in the brick, have it inscribed in memory or in honor of another individual or use it as an opportunity to leave a personalized message. Learn more about buying a brick.

Volunteer At The Aquarium

Help support us by volunteering your time at the Aquarium. Whether planting native shrubs, preparing food for the animals, or helping children in the classroom, you’ll be helping us to carry out our mission. You can also receive college credit for volunteering, discounts to the Aquarium and other benefits. Learn more about volunteering.