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October 07, 2013

Creatures of the Night Crawls, Slithers and Slimes into the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be creeping with fright when Creatures of the Night invades its exhibits on Saturday, October 26. This night of terror is not for the faint of heart. The Aquarium will be transformed into passage nightmares to frighten and delight visitors that embrace the spirit of Halloween from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Fire dancers will create a foreboding entry to ... more

October 02, 2013

“Furlough” the Distressed Sea Turtle Passes Away

Newport, Oregon—The distressed olive ridley sea turtle that was discovered hypothermic and dehydrated on an Oregon coast beach Monday succumbed to internal injuries early Wednesday morning. The Oregon Coast Aquarium staff that was caring for her said she declined into an unresponsive state around 1:00 a.m. Veterinary examination indicated "Furlough," as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service st... more

October 01, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium Treats Distressed Sea Turtle

Newport, Oregon— A sea turtle that washed onto a Lincoln City, Oregon beach on Monday, September 30, is currently being treated at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The female olive ridley turtle has been named “Furlough” by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) staff that transported her to the Aquarium on Monday afternoon. The Aquarium is licensed by USFWS to rehabilitate and transport sea tu... more

September 26, 2013

Blue on Tour Ocean Film Festival Postponed

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium will postpone its Blue on Tour Ocean Film Festival until spring of 2014. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Aquarium and its partners made the decision to delay the event, originally scheduled for October 4 and 5. The beach and highway clean-up effort, hosted by the Newport Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, will still be from 10:00 a.m. until 1:... more

September 16, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium Invites Teens to Explore Marine Science

Newport, Oregon—Do you know a teen that is a fanatic about fishes, aspires to perfect pinniped training, or positively adores puffins? This year can be one to remember for them through behind the scenes experiences with the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Youth & Community and Job Shadow Programs. Teens can walk a mile in the rubber boots of the Aquarium’s husbandry staff on the third Wednesday ... more

September 10, 2013

Delve Into an Ocean of Cinematography during the Blue on Tour Ocean Film Festival at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium will showcase a collection of award-winning films during the Blue on Tour Ocean Film Festival on October 4 and 5. The Aquarium organized the festival in partnership with Westwind Stewardship Group (WSG) in hopes that viewers will, in the words of Aquarium President/CEO Carrie Lewis, “Walk away feeling renewed, optimistic and connected to the ocean.”... more

You ‘Otter’ Go to Sea Otter Awareness Week at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium is home to Judge, Mojoe and Schuster who comprise the largest raft of sea otters in Oregon. In honor of sea otters everywhere, the Aquarium will celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week from September 22 to 28. The Aquarium will be brimming with sea otter facts, jokes, quizzes and art so visitors can learn about these marine mammals no matter what exhibit th... more

Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon Coast Community College Team Up in a New Partnership for Oyster Cloyster

Newport, Oregon— The Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Oregon Coast Community College Foundation (OCCCF) established a new partnership this year for the 13th annual Oyster Cloyster. Under this new partnership, proceeds from the event will benefit both organizations equally. Oyster Cloyster brings chefs and food enthusiasts together for a celebration of the oyster, an iconic symbol of the fishin... more

August 30, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium Hatches Companion for Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Black Oystercatcher

Newport, Oregon—A black oystercatcher chick that hatched in the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Seabird Aviary exhibit this summer boarded a plane in Portland on August 29 to fly south to its new home at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The oystercatcher chick pipped through the shell of its egg and into the world on July 12. The bird, which now tips the scale at eight times its hatch weight, grew with lea... more

August 22, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium Invites Marine Science Enthusiasts to Volunteer

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium invites people throughout Oregon to join its team of volunteers for the fall exhibit interpretation Volunteer Training Program which begins September 21. During the six week training course, volunteers develop in-depth knowledge about the marine life endemic to the Pacific Northwest. To ensure that each volunteer receives training and assignments tha... more