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June 13, 2014

Over One Hundred Divers Plunge into the Aquarium’s Exhibits

Newport, Oregon—Ed Feil is new to SCUBA diving but already addicted to the sport. The rookie from Pleasant Hill earned his open-water dive certification, the first tier of accreditation for divers, in the still waters of Lake Waohink outside Florence, Oregon. He is ready to take the plunge in the cloudy, cold challenging conditions of the Pacific Northwest ocean, but first needs the gear to do ... more

June 10, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Rescued Otter Pup Pops with Personality

Newport, Oregon—Oswald the sea otter pup, whose move to Oregon made a big splash despite his diminutive size last month, is settling in swimmingly at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. “He is a hearty eater and has plenty of personality quirks that keep us busy,” said Curator of Marine Mammals Ken Lytwyn. Oswald frequently squeals with anticipation before training sessions, a behavior the Aquarium’s tr... more

June 03, 2014

Bite into Wild Foods at Edible Ocean Camp

Newport, Oregon—The breathtaking landscapes of the Oregon coast are utterly picturesque, and to a trained pair of eyes, this iconic setting where the land meets the sea also holds a bounty of culinary delight. The Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Edible Ocean Camp will broaden participants’ culinary horizons to include wild-sourced summer delicacies in an overnight foraging foray from Saturday, June 21... more

May 27, 2014

Delve into an Ocean of Cinematography in Newport this Summer

Newport, Oregon—The Blue on Tour Ocean Film Festival will come to Oregon for the first time to showcase a collection of world-class marine-themed cinematography this summer. The Festival opens with a reception hosted at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on Friday, August 1, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. This soirée will include a lecture from a leader in the marine science field and sustainably sourced seafo... more

May 22, 2014

Dive into World Oceans Day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon—The world’s oceans cover 75 percent of the planet, but humans have only explored about five to seven percent of the ocean floor, and roughly one-half of one percent of the vast expanses of the water column itself. The Oregon Coast Aquarium will provide new and return visitors unique opportunities to add depth to their knowledge of this mysterious realm on Saturday, June 7, in ... more

May 21, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium Extends Hours, Launches Programs for Summer Season

Newport, Oregon—Visitors to the coast this summer may drift into the microscopic world of plankton, talk with a turkey vulture, kiss a sea lion and chat with SCUBA divers surrounded by sharks when they make a stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The Aquarium, ranked as one of the ten best in the U.S., will offer a variety of education programs this summer, many that are new, to broaden the world... more

May 15, 2014

Oregon and California Zoos and Aquariums Partner to Place Stranded Sea Otters

Newport, Oregon—Precious cargo arrived Tuesday, May 13 on the Oregon coast in ice-filled crates when a single turbo prop plane touched down at Newport Municipal Airport. Oswald and Juno, two sea otter pups bound for their new homes at Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Oregon Zoo, debarked from the plane with a mammalogist and veterinarian in tow that cared for them during their journey from the Mon... more

May 05, 2014

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Strikes Oregon’s Central Coast

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium’s scientific dive team discovered that sea star wasting syndrome, a fatal condition that has plagued sea stars and puzzled scientists, has arrived on Oregon’s central coast. This research team has searched for the syndrome in the subtidal zones of Oregon’s central coast since January, and sent their observations to researchers at University of Califor... more

April 25, 2014

Press Advisory: Ocean Steward Lunch, May 6

Newport, Oregon—Leading Oregon thinkers and philanthropists will gather at the Portland-based NW Natural Headquarters on Tuesday, May 6, for the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s annual Ocean Steward Lunch. The exclusive annual event connects the greater Portland community with the Aquarium to highlight its mission to inspire the public to better understand, cherish and conserve marine and coastal ecosys... more

April 24, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium hosts Bird Blitz Celebration for International Migratory Bird Day

Newport, Oregon—Bird enthusiasts from throughout the state will flock to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for International Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, May 10. The Aquarium’s Seabird Aviary and Turkey Vulture Habitat will feature special presentations and public question and answer sessions with the aviculturists that care for the Aquarium’s bird population. Information about birds and their ro... more