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April 02, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Sea Otter Pup Masters Training by Leaps and Bounds

Newport, Oregon—Nuka, the northern sea otter pup that made headlines last week when the Oregon Coast Aquarium announced he had passed quarantine and was settling into his new home behind the scenes, crossed another milestone in his journey to the Aquarium’s Sea Otter Exhibit today. Nuka has been busy for the past month learning how to behave with trainers before he moves to the Sea Otter Exhi... more

April Fool’s, Friends!

If you haven’t caught on yet, the story about four high school students finding a strange animal in the forest of the coastal mountains was completely fictional. The April Fool’s prank was the brainchild of 15-year-old Oceanscape Network volunteer, Jake K. An aspiring filmmaker, Jake approached the Network with the idea late last year. He recruited three friends to play themselves in a sce... more

April 01, 2014

Oregon High School Students Make a Startling Video Discovery

Newport, Oregon - Four Corvallis-area high school students inadvertently captured video showing a large bipedal animal moving through the forest behind them. The animal’s species is not yet determined and the students were unaware of its presence at the time they were filming for a school science project. “We were doing a survey of mosses and lichens,” 15-year-old Lake told the Oceanscape Ne... more

March 27, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium Selects Manifesto as Ad Agency

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium, ranked one of the top ten aquariums in the U.S. selected Manifesto as its agency of record this March. This concludes an agency search that began in early January. “We selected Manifesto as our agency based on the strategic and highly creative thinking they presented,” said Lance Beck, Director of Marketing. “We are very excited about t... more

March 24, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium Adopts Stranded Sea Otter Pup

Newport, Oregon—Staff at the Oregon Coast Aquarium are delighted to announce that there will be an adorable new addition in the Sea Otter Exhibit this spring. A northern sea otter pup, Enhydra lutris kenyonim, was discovered alone on a beach in Kodiak, Alaska early last summer. Sea otter pups are helpless when they are born and require constant attention from their mothers. These baby marine ... more

March 03, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium Extends Hours for Spring Break Visitors

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium will expand its hours, opening its doors from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to accommodate travelers that will visit the coast over the spring break holiday from March 22 through March 30. Guests that wish to connect with the Aquarium’s animals may shake suckers with a giant Pacific octopus or share a whiskery smooch with a seal or sea lion. Animal encounte... more

February 12, 2014

Oregon Coast Aquarium Invites Marine Science Enthusiasts to Volunteer

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium invites teenagers, age 13 and up, and adults of all ages to join its team for the spring Volunteer Training Program, which begins April 5. During the six week training course, teen and adult volunteers develop in-depth knowledge about the marine life endemic to the Pacific Northwest. To ensure that each volunteer receives training and assignments th... more

February 10, 2014

Pucker Up for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon— The Oregon Coast Aquarium invites its visitors to seal this Valentine’s Day in their memories with a whiskery kiss. The Aquarium’s seals and sea lions will pucker up for special, discounted encounters in honor of Valentine’s Day on February 14, 15 and 16. Participants may delight in experiencing a sign of affection from such unique, charismatic animals; but sea lion smooches ... more

January 13, 2014

Oceanscape Network Encourages Teens to Take Technology Outdoors

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium launched the Oceanscape Network on Monday as a new online resource for teenagers and teachers to explore the coast’s natural wonders, whether from confines of an inland classroom or one of Oregon’s windswept beaches. The Oceanscape Network is designed to bring what the coast has to offer in natural science education to urban centers and inland communi... more

December 13, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium Claws into Crab Facts and Fun for Crab Fishery Day

Newport, Oregon—The Oregon Coast Aquarium will scuttle into crab facts and fun for its visitors in honor of Crab Fishery Day on December 30. Aquarium staff will host interactive crab-themed activities for all visitors to enjoy. The animal keepers that care for the Aquarium’s fishes and invertebrates, known as aquarists, will host a lunch crab style, providing visitors with an opportunity to se... more