Oregon High School Students Make a Startling Video Discovery

April 01, 2014

Newport, Oregon - Four Corvallis-area high school students inadvertently captured video showing a large bipedal animal moving through the forest behind them. The animal’s species is not yet determined and the students were unaware of its presence at the time they were filming for a school science project.

“We were doing a survey of mosses and lichens,” 15-year-old Lake told the Oceanscape Network. “We split up into two groups and Jake and I were supposed to summarize our project on the video. We didn’t notice anything weird until we played the footage back on the camera and saw something moving in the bushes behind us.”

The boys were startled when they looked at the video more closely on a home computer. Although it is difficult to assess size, the animal appeared to be at least seven feet tall and is located approximately 50 feet (15 m) behind the students. The animal was covered in reddish-brown fur and moved with a sideways, but upright lope. As it retreated into the forest, it looked back at the boys several times.

“Whatever it was, it was sitting in the brush behind Jake and Lake the whole time they were filming,” said Zach S. who was also working on the project but in a different location at the time of the incident. “I’m actually kind of bummed that none of us saw it with our own eyes,” he said.

“I would’ve freaked out!” Jake exclaimed when asked how he would have responded had he known the animal was there. “We were already a little on edge because we were in the woods and finding other stuff we thought might be from a bear or a cougar.”

The puzzling items the students found included fur samples and large footprints in the mud.

“There was also a really, really nasty smell at times,” recalled Josh. “It was like really bad B.O. but we couldn’t ever tell where it was coming from.”

 Josh admits he was skeptical that the fur, footprints or smells were of anything extraordinary until he saw the video footage the following day. “It’s definitely weird, but I’m still certain there’s some reasonable, scientific explanation for the video,” he said.

At Josh’s suggestion, the teens showed the video to their high school biology teacher, Charles Mount.

“I have no explanation for this,” Mount told the Oceanscape Network by phone. “I can say pretty confidently that this isn’t a bear. Bears sometimes walk upright but only for very short distances. This animal’s upright the entire time you can see it.”

The boys plan to submit the video and fur samples to a local university for further analysis.

“It’d be cool if this actually leads to the identification of some new species,” Zach said.

Excerpts of the footage is included the video to the right. Stay tuned to the Oceanscape Network for further updates on this story.