Crocs Donates Shoes To Husbandry Staff

January 28, 2009

The shoes will provide comfort and safety to husbandry staff

When Kevin Clifford ordered new pair of works shoes, he decided it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a donation for the entire husbandry staff at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. “After all, we are a non profit, so I didn’t think it would hurt to ask,” said Clifford, Assistant Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates. “I was surprised that not only did Crocs™ agree, but they replied without hesitation and shipped them here at their own expense. We all have a brand new pair of safe, comfortable shoes to work in.”

“Husbandry staff members are the unsung heroes at the Aquarium,” said Cindy Hanson, Public Relations Manager. “They are the ones working behind the scenes and outdoors in all weather, preparing food, carrying buckets, climbing on top of tanks and feeding the animals. They are highly trained for what they do and it’s hard work, but you never hear them complain. The Aquarium really appreciates it when someone steps up to assist us in our mission to inspire understanding and conservation of the marine environment.”

Claire Tindall, Crocs™ public relations representative, said the decision to accommodate the request was based upon the Crocs™ philosophy. “As a company that firmly believes in the important role our community plays in our success, Crocs, Inc. is proud to support the Oregon Coast Aquarium with a donation of Crocs™ shoes,” said Tindall. “Our footwear is a natural fit for the husbandry staff at the aquarium as they are comfortable, odor-resistant, superior gripping, non-marking, and anti-microbial.”

Crocs began when three Boulder, Colorado based founders decided to develop and market an innovative type of footwear. Originally, the shoes were intended as a boating/outdoor shoe because of its slip-resistant, non-marking sole. By 2003, Crocs™ had become a world wide phenomenon, universally accepted as an all purpose shoe for comfort and fashion.