Aquarium Educators Present "Oddwater; An Outrageous Odyssey!"

March 16, 2009

The new program offers an interactive experience to visitors

Oregon Coast Aquarium educators want you to get excited about marine science – specifically, the strange critters of Oddwater. A new program, titled “Oddwater; an Outrageous Odyssey!” will focus on animals featured in the Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Oddwater, which explores adaptations and life histories of some of nature’s oddest sea creatures. Groups planning a visit to the Aquarium can schedule the program for 10 to 75 people. The intent of the program is to make Oddwater more effective as an educational tool by offering an intimate look at the exhibit and why it was created.

Public response to Oddwater, a colorful combination of blown glass and unusual marine life, has been so positive, that Aquarium educators decided to take things a step further and offer an educational program for any group that would like to learn more about the animals of Oddwater. The exhibit has received national media coverage, positive reviews from visitors and continued buzz on internet blogs. Two years in the making, the exhibit was conceptualized, planned and constructed entirely by Oregon Coast Aquarium staff.

Inside every Oddwater display are hand blown glass creations designed specifically for each habitat and the species within it. The blown glass, created by artists at the Edge Art Gallery in South Beach, is a perfect complement to the strange and beautiful creatures of Oddwater.

“This is the first time Aquarium educators have offered an educational program to the general public, outside of school groups,” said Sean Nolan, Academic Programs Coordinator. “The new program is designed to extend the experience of this popular exhibit by providing visitors with a fun, interactive presentation. Now they can get a close look at how these creatures find their food, avoid predators, and reproduce.” Nolan said the Oddwater animals look and behave odd to the average person but each one has a special adaptation that helps them to survive in some of the harshest conditions in the ocean.

The program offers discounts for public school students and free admission for teachers and accompanying chaperones. Teachers and other groups planning a visit to the Aquarium can schedule the program for 10 to 75 people by calling the Aquarium’s group coordinator at (541) 867-3474 ext. 5301.