Aquarium Divers Clean Up Yaquina Bay

April 02, 2007

Divers team up with SOLV and Thompson’s Sanitary for the annual cleanup

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is again teaming up with SOLV and Thompson’s Sanitary for the annual week-long effort to clean up Yaquina Bay. Volunteer walkers are also needed to help clean up the tide line of Yaquina Bay, through Earth Day, April 22 and the following week. Last year the annual cleanup brought in over 3,000 pounds of marine debris, thanks to the dedicated divers and kayakers who helped clean up the tide line and the bottom of the bay during Earth Week.

“We are very fortunate to have SOLV and Thompson’s Sanitary Service helping us out,” said Oregon Coast Aquarium Public Relations Manager, Cindy Hanson. “SOLV provided grant money to cover the cost of the mesh bags and publicity through their own constituents and Thompson’s Sanitary provided a large drop box for free. We’re very grateful for their help.”

Jim Burke, Director of Animal Husbandry at the Aquarium, spearheaded the annual bay cleanup several years ago. “Last year we found a lot of abandoned crab traps, anchor line, a car battery and lots of fishing line and tackle.” Burke said it’s not unusual for birds, fish or invertebrates to get tangled in fishing line, especially around the docks. “If people could see what it looks like down there, they would be very careful when they are on the dock.” Burke says the annual cleanups are making a difference in the bottom of the bay, especially around the fishing pier. “It took about three years to see a change, but now you can really see the difference – it looks a lot better down there now!”

How you can help: Volunteers are encouraged to walk along a favorite stretch of the Yaquina Bay tide line and pick up litter. Litter bags for walkers and mesh bags for divers will be available at the Aquarium and they may dispose of full SOLV bags in the drop box located there. Volunteers may ask for a SOLV bag at the Aquarium front desk and dispose of them in the Thompson’s Sanitary drop box near the Aquarium’s 29th Street gate on SE Ferry Slip Rd. The area will be marked by orange cones. Full SOLV litter bags will be accepted at the marked location April 15 – 29.