Aquarium Hosts Scott Blackman Photography Exhibit

September 04, 2007

Three Decades of Coastal Photography is on display in Passages of the Deep

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is hosting an exhibit of photography by renowned Oregon photographer Scott Blackman. Three Decades of Coastal Photography by Scott Blackman opened September 14 in the Passages of the Deep gallery.

The gallery in Passages has become a venue for changing visual art exhibits, including The Living Waters of Tillamook Bay, a collection of brilliantly colored anatomically accurate collages by Diane O’Leary. When Living Waters opened in 2005, it was a new concept for the Aquarium. The idea is to exhibit visual art relevant to the marine habitats in Passages of the Deep. We hope to inspire viewers to see the coastal environment from an expanded perspective.

Blackman’s exhibit will continue the concept. “My goal is to present local themes such as coastal beaches, weather, ocean and forest in both overviews and close-ups to illustrate the powerful attraction to the natural world we all have inherited,” said Blackman. “I see them as a graphic extension of the world which extends beyond the perimeters of the Aquarium. Inside the exhibits are many, many wonderful and exciting stimuli. Let these photos continue this concept of understanding, cherishing and conserving our coastal ecosystem.”

Blackman says having lived on the Oregon coast all of his life has given him the advantage of knowing the landscape and coastal seasons to get the shot that he wants. Knowing the tides, direction of the wind, cycles of the growing season and shooting after storms have helped him to find the visual effect he needed to communicate through his photography.

One of the challenges in coastal photography is protecting his camera equipment from the elements such as salt, water, rain, and sand, according to Blackman. Other problems include understanding and anticipating the effects that weather, change of tides and season have on the subject. After several decades of pursuing coastal subjects, Blackman said he has learned to stay in touch with weather forecasts and the change of seasons. “Each change in the weather or the more extensive changes in season, bring forth special opportunities for photos.”