Turtle Song Wins Top Award

November 11, 2005

Marketing agency Leopold Ketel & Partners’ radio commercial, the “Turtle Song,” won the top award for radio advertising at the 48th Annual Portland Advertising Federation’s Rosey Awards Nov. 3. The success of the “Turtle Song,” created for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, can be credited to the song’s writer, Mike Houston with dance steps created for it by “Stepmania,” a dance video game. The ditty has been called a “cult hit” and radio stations have been deluged by requests to replay the “Turtle Song.” The Oregon Coast Aquarium has also received hundreds of emails and calls from around the nation asking for more information about the song and for electronic mp3 versions of it. The Aquarium has made the song available to download from its website at www.aquarium.org.

Meanwhile, the response has been overwhelmingly positive for the exhibit, Turtle Trek: A Journey of Survival. The exhibit opened May 28th and will run a year at the Aquarium. “People are saying how much they love turtles as they marvel at the diversity and beauty of these remarkable creatures,” says Cindy Hanson, Public Relations Manager for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. “Constructing the exhibit brought some logistical challenges—all done in-house by Aquarium staff,” according to Hanson, “but our staff is incredibly resourceful. I am continually amazed at the talent and creativity here.”

Each display habitat was custom built to provide optimum care for the turtles. Colorful murals adorn every display depicting each turtle and tortoise habitat. “All the mural work, done by artist Michael Cole, was carefully thought out with great attention to accuracy and detail of the habitats,” according, to Hanson. The exhibit explores the world of turtles with 18 species of live turtles and a an array of hands on learning activities for children. Among these is an interactive satellite tracking station where you can actually track a sea turtle or adopt one. Visitors can see live tortoises and turtles, learn what makes them different and find out how to identify them.