Amazing Aquarium Facts To Premiere On The Oregon Coast Show

April 05, 2006

Weekly Aquarium Segment Featured on The Oregon Coast Show

The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be featured in a weekly segment on the locally produced TV program, The Oregon Coast Show beginning April 20. The weekly segment, titled “Amazing Aquarium Facts,” will feature fascinating vignettes wrapped around remarkable footage of Aquarium animals and marine life. “We’re very excited to have this unique opportunity to be featured in a popular local TV program,” said Aquarium Public Relations Manager, Cindy Hanson. In addition to the segment, the Aquarium will run its TV ad for the new upcoming exhibit, Claws! which opens May 27 at the Aquarium. “This will offer a chance for people to get a preview of the world class Aquarium located in their own back yard,” said Hanson. “We have so many new and exciting things coming up this year and this is a visually compelling way to remind people to rediscover their Aquarium.”

The Oregon Coast Show features stories from up and down the coast such as Lewis & Clark Bicentennial events, glass float promotions, kite festivals, fishing, sightseeing, lighthouses, history and more. Veteran TV anchor, Charles Rowe is the host of the program. The TV show ran for 12 years during the 80's and 90's and last year was brought back by its original producers, Rick and Scott Gibson. The return of The Oregon Coast Show evoked an enthusiastic response from viewers, many of whom remember the first incarnation of the program. “We were pleasantly surprised that so many people remembered the show after a 10 year hiatus,” said Rick Gibson, who is the creative force and executive producer. “We have again built a following in the Portland Market over the last 8 months and have always planned to increase our coverage,” said Gibson. “Now the reach of the show will nearly double as it moves to Broadcast Station KPXG (PAX) which also reaches Lincoln City and Newport."

The premiere of "Amazing Aquarium Facts" on the Oregon Coast Show will be aired at 7:30pm on PAX (now iTV, Independent Television) April 20, 2006. The audience reach of the show nearly doubles from 600,000 cable only households to 1,086,900 broadcast households in the Portland designated market area. The show will air every Thursday evening on Comcast Cable Channel 5, Direct TV and Over-The-Air on Channel 22 and Channel 76 on Charter Cable in Lincoln City and Newport.