Shipwreck explorers are called underwater archaeologists, and for good reason. Part astronaut, part archaeologist, and part marine biologist, their submerged research sites are void of breathable air, often under intense water pressure and utterly inhospitable to humans. These investigators must rely on cutting edge science and technology to excavate the forgotten ruins of shipwrecks to uncover clues to an earlier way of life.

You can now discover this world for yourself in the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s new exhibit, SECRETS OF SHIPWRECKS: Part History. Part Mystery.

SECRETS OF SHIPWRECKS is a historic and participatory exhibit that captures the spirit of archaeological adventure. This is not about discovering sunken cities of gold or pirate’s booty. It is about playing Indiana Jones for the day, embarking on a quest to learn about the past, understand the present, and glimpse the future.

This four-gallery underwater wonderland will take you on a journey through representations of the artificial reefs that shipwrecks create around the world. Replicas of real artifacts discovered in historic shipwrecks from the Red Sea to the Caribbean will tumble seamlessly from mural, to exhibit to gallery floor.In this immersive aquarium experience, you can meet a giant green moray eel that stretches to over six-feet long and smile surrounded by a crawl-through tank of toothy, color-changing barracudas. Live tropical coral reefs will abound with jackknife and butterfly fishes, and you can peer into the rarely interpreted fresh water world of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

You will be able to explore the science and technology that people use to bring the mysteries hiding in the underwater world to light through interactive displays for visitors of all ages.

The mission of the Aquarium is to inspire the public to “better understand, cherish and conserve marine and coastal ecosystems.” Through SECRETS OF SHIPWRECKS, guests of all ages can discover the mysterious world of underwater archaeology. Dive in!