Slippery Dick Wrasse

Slippery Dick Wrasse (Halichoeres bivittatus) as seen in our Sea & Me exhibit.

This aggressive and carnivorous fish resides primarily in the shallow coral and rocky reefs along the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the Caribbean. Adults are easily identified by their cigar-shaped bodies, light green to white coloring with two black or dark purple stripes that run from the eye and pectoral fin to the base of the caudal fin. Like all wrasses, the Slippery Dick Wrasse may change sex depending on biological and environmental circumstances. No one seems to know for sure how this fish received its colorful name, although many speculate it probably had something to do with body shape and texture. These fish are often collected by amateur aquarists.

Range & Habitat

This wrasse can be found in and around shallow coral and rocky reefs, usually swimming over the nearby sand.

Conservation Status: