Gray Angelfish

Gray Angelfish (Pomacanthus arcuatus) as seen in our Sea & Me exhibit.

These eye-catching fish are common to the Atlantic Ocean, from New England south to Brazil. The Gray Angelfish is one of eighty-six species, many of which are widely collected by aquarists because of their bright colors and elegant body types. These fish are commonly associated with the diverse coral reefs of the Caribbean and are popular with divers, photographers and artists for the same reason. Gray Angelfish typically have a charcoal-colored body with yellow pectoral fins and neon-blue tips on their tails and dorsal fins. Unlike other reef fish, Gray Angelfish typically do not school although they are often found in pairs.

Range & Habitat

Gray Angelfish are a reef species, finding shelter among coral and sponge communities in along the western Atlantic Ocean.  They can be found as far north at Maine and as far south as Brazil. They usually move about in pairs or small family groups at a depth of 7 to 98 feet (2 to 30 m).

Conservation Status

Common. See also French Angelfish.