French Angelfish

French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) as seen in our Sea & Me exhibit.

One of multiple species of angelfish, the French Angelfish is common throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Like many of its kind, the French Angelfish has a flat, disk-shaped body and multi-colored scales. Its body is generally covered with black scales tipped in golden yellow. There are slight differences in coloration between juveniles and adults. The vertical yellow bands are brighter and more distinct on younger fish, but fade with age. Angelfish usually do not school, but they are monogamous and can frequently be found swimming in mated pairs. Young angelfish tend cleaning stations, or areas of the reef where different species will groom each other. The young fish will swim along larger species, nibbling off parasites or other potentially harmful substances. Because of their beautiful and elegant appearance, angelfish of all kinds are popular with amateur aquarists.

Range & Habitat

French Angelfish are found throughout the western end of the Atlantic Ocean from Florida south to Brazil. They are reef dwellers and are usually found in close proximity to many other marine species.

Conservation Status

Common. The French Angelfish is considered a sportfish often harvested for human consumption.