Common Snook

Common Snook (Centropomus undecimalis) as seen in our Sea & Me exhibit.

Common Snook are sometimes known as “sergeant fish” or “robalo.” These large, carnivorous fish can be found all along the Gulf of Mexico region, from Florida to Brazil. They prefer to hunt for smaller marine life including crustaceans in the lagoons and estuaries of the region. Although a rather unremarkable-looking fish, the Snook does have an unusual adaptation that allows it to transition from salt to fresh water as part of the spawning process. This ability is found in only a small percentage of the world’s fish, with salmon and sea trout being the most obvious examples. Snook are popular with sport fishermen and are a food staple throughout the Gulf region of the United States.

Range & Habitat

Common Snook can be found in the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The can be found as far south as Brazil.

Conservation status