Sea & Me

An Adventure of the Imagination!

The Oregon Coast Aquarium's interactive exhibit for children is called The Sea & Me. Based on the model used by children’s museums, this exhibit offers play experiences which are developmentally appropriate for kids ages 4 to 10 years old. Featuring animals that invite curiosity, Sea & Me promotes interactions within groups, including families, friends and peers while encouraging discovery, inquiry and a fresh understanding of the habitats of marine and freshwater animals.

Submarine Sea Lab: Explore the Darkened Depths

The Submarine Sea Lab allows children to explore the ocean depths through interactive displays and the power of imagination.

Learn to be a deep water scientist! Young visitors can climb aboard our mini submarine and descend into a coral reef through interactive displays and the power of their own imaginations. 

The submarine features a working periscope, simulated ocean views using live animals, modern technology, with plenty of things to push, flip, turn and twist!

A Fisherman’s Life For Me!

Can you imagine working on the waves and enjoying the bounty of the sea? The highlight of our Fishing Gallery is a kid-sized fishing boat outfitted with a child-friendly wheelhouse and fishing gear. Young explorers can slip on rubber bibs and experience life as a fisherman in coastal waters while they learn where our seafood comes from and how we catch it.

Create Your Own Ocean Experience

This overview of the exhibit shows some of its major components, including the expansive theater area. One of the largest features in Sea & Me includes our theater which has been transformed into a free-play area where children will engage in a variety of unstructured activities. This includes exploring discovery boxes filled with ocean “biofacts” like shark jaws and whale baleen; or enjoying a good ocean-themed book with their parents or siblings. To stimulate imagination and creativity, the theater also offers a variety of marine and animal-themed costumes and a stage area where young visitors can act out their own ocean adventure.

Clean It Up!

Sea & Me extends the interactive experience by offering a new touch pool in which young visitors are encouraged to play with a variety of floatable items while learning about marine debris issues. It's almost as fun as a rubber ducky in a bathtub!

Connect to Nature and Culture

Culture and nature intertwine at our small cichlid pond as you observe and experience a bit of nature indoors. Inspired by Lake Malawi in Africa, the pond will enable you to learn how children half a world away experience and think about nature.

Animals, Animals, Animals

The animals shown below are just a few of the species you can expect to see in the Sea & Me exhibit.  Additional species will be rotated into the exhibit throughout the year.