Tiger Rockfish

Tiger Rockfish (Sebastes nigrocinctus) as seen in our Rocky Shores exhibit.

One of multiple species of rockfish to inhabit our Orford Reef habitat in the Passages of the Deep, this specimen is particularly colorful with red to black bands set against a pink or orange background. Like most rockfish, the body is large and heavy-looking with a series of thirteen defensive dorsal spines.

Although the Tiger is relatively rare, rockfish are well-known residents to the Oregon coastal waters, preferring to linger in the deep rocky canyons and kelp beds. Rockfish can live to be up to 170 years old and are solitary hunters that feed upon smaller fish.

Rockfish are much prized by sports fishermen who are interested in both a trophy and a good meal.

Range & Habitat

Rocky reefs and kelp forests all along the Oregon coast.

Conservation Status