Strawberry Anemone

Strawberry Anemone (Corynactis californica) as seen in our Rocky Shores exhibit.

This beautiful invertebrate is abundant on rocky reefs, ledges and pier pilings all along the Oregon coast. They are usually found on open shores or in bays and can be easily spotted at low tide.

Strawberry anemones have a smooth column with knobby-tipped tentacles. The animal is all one color, but can vary among pink, red, purple, brown, orange and white, depending on the specimen.

As with most anemones, this animal cannot move quickly to pursue food. Instead, it relies on an unsuspecting fish or crustacean to come within range of its stingy tentacles.

The Strawberry Anemone reproduces using a method called “longitudinal division.” Put simply, the animal will produce clones of itself that may cover a square meter or more. As a result, you will usually find Strawberry Anemones in large clusters with all of the animals being descendants of one original anemone.


Strawberry Anemones can be found from British Columbia to southern California, although they are more rare north of Oregon.

Conservation Status