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Curricular Materials

To download materials to accompany your visit to the Aquarium, visit the On-Site School Programs page.

To download materials to accompany the Aquarium’s outreach visit to your school, visit the Outreach Programs page.


Coastal Learning Symposium

The Coastal Learning Symposium is the Aquarium’s annual conference educators.  We invite pre-K-12 teachers, informal educators, higher education and others to come together to share and refine their skills for using ocean and coastal resources as a context for learning across grades and subjects. The Oregon Coast Aquarium partners with other organizations in the marine and environmental community to offer a unique learning experience each year.

The goals of the Coastal Learning Symposium are to:

  • Empower educators to use their community and local natural resources to engage students in learning.
  • Share best practices in STEM and interdisciplinary instruction.
  • Introduce student learning opportunities and resources for coastal and environmental education.
  • Create a community of educators who can support each other as they implement new materials in the classroom.
  • Provide practical tools to help foster a more ocean-literate community and society.

Join us each October to inspire and prepare the next generation of Oregonians to explore, appreciate, and protect our state’s natural resources! For more information, visit the conference website or contact education@aquarium.org.


Professional Development

Get your students excited about marine, coastal and local environments with teacher professional development that complements your classroom curriculum.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium offers a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the school year and summer for individuals, schools and districts. These learning opportunities provide both pedagogical strategies and content, and are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles.  You’ll increase your knowledge of marine systems return to your classroom with new strategies and resources to create engaging learning experiences. Contact us at education@aquarium.org to learn about upcoming trainings or to contract us to come directly to your school.

Learning opportunities will include:

  • Materials to replicate hands-on activities with your students
  • Verification of continuing education hours
  • Resources for extending the experience at the Aquarium or in the community

Our professional development opportunities are currently being updated and improved. Please check back for a new set of offerings, coming in Spring 2017!


Oceanscape Network Education Center:

The Oceanscape Network offers great resources for teachers, particularly at the middle school and high school levels. Aside from building a FREE account which will allow you to set up online student communities and facilitate inquiry-based learning, the Network offers videos, downloadable items and other valuable educator resources.  Click here to visit the Education Center.


Lincoln County Ocean Literacy Partnership

Oregon Coast Aquarium is proud to partner with Lincoln County School District to promote ocean literacy in our schools and community. Ocean literacy is defined as “an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean”. An ocean-literate person can communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way, and is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.

The goals of the Ocean Literacy Partnership are to:

  • Create global stewards by connecting students to the ocean through curriculum related to the natural and human community they live in
  • Give educators and administrators the support, resources, and professional development necessary to provide high-quality instruction in ocean content
  • Sustain partnerships with community partners that reflect the science, tourism, fishing, and other industries in our area so students may better apply their understanding of concepts

We hope to give all LCSD students the opportunity to be the best-prepared oceanic sciences students in the country!

For more information, a database of marine education resources, a list of upcoming learning opportunities and more, please visit the Ocean Literacy Partnership Website. You can also contact us at education@aquarium.org to subscribe to our NEW monthly newsletter, Ocean Literacy on the Oregon Coast.


Ask the Educators

If you have questions about the content of our programs, would like support implementing an ocean unit in your classroom, or have general questions about marine science, please feel free to send us an e-mail at education@aquarium.org. To schedule a visit or program contact our group coordinator at 541-867-3474.