Oceanscape Network

Connecting Teens to Science and Nature

The Oceanscape Network is a web-based educational program designed to connect preteens and teens to science, nature and outdoor experiences using technology as the catalyst.

Visit the Oceanscape Network.  Through the Oceanscape Network website, teachers and youth can experience the Oregon coast in three unique ways:

EXPLORE: Whether by geographical location or major ecosystems, users can navigate the Oregon Coast, visit major landmarks, submit sightings of wild animals, or use the Global Positioning System for some high-tech exploration of natural areas.

EXPERIENCE: These features are designed to motivate young visitors to experience the coast and the great outdoors firsthand. From learning how to surf to getting involved with conservation projects, the Network gives youth practical ideas on how to get outdoors.

EDUCATE: Designed specifically for Oregon middle and high school teachers and students, this feature offers guided projects on scientific inquiry. A sophisticated infrastructure lets teachers create online student communities, supervise the progress of their students’ inquiry projects, and access classroom resources ranging from videos to lesson plans. Best of all, Oregon students who complete the online program may fulfill a requirement for high school graduation.